Why You Don't Trust Anyone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Don’t Trust Anyone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Everyone disappoints you. Everyone eventually lets you down.


People are liars. They break promises. They bend the truth. You can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouth.


You’ve been burned before. You know what people are capable of doing, even people who claim to love you.


In your mind, everyone cares about themselves above anything else. They’ll make the selfish choice every time.

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You feel like it’s easier to see the worst in others than to see the best.


You would rather rely on yourself than on someone else who could do you wrong.


Every time you trust someone, you get screwed over. You get your heart shattered.


You’ve never met anyone who has proven you can trust them, anyone who has treated you right.


So many people have hurt you in the past that you expect the trend to continue.


You would rather expect the worst in others than get disappointed when they fail to reach your expectations.


You’re terrified of getting hurt, so you would rather tell yourself no one else is worth the trouble.


You know yourself. And you don’t trust yourself. So why would you trust anyone else? TC mark

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