Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Trouble Getting Out Of Bed

Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Trouble Getting Out Of Bed Lately


You’re mentally exhausted. You could sleep all day long.


You have no plans, so there’s nothing pulling you out of bed in the morning.


You’ve become a night owl. You’re more awake and alert later in the evening.


You’ve been having trouble sleeping. You haven’t gotten nearly enough rest.

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You’re going to stay in your pajamas all day, anyway. You don’t see the point in getting up.


Your bed is where you feel the safest, the most comfortable, the most okay. 


You’ve become obsessed with your phone. You could sit in bed for hours and scroll.


You’ve been stressed. You’ve been wishing you could sleep the day away so you don’t have to deal with your problems.


You’ve stopped caring about being productive. You’ve stopped caring about pretty much everything.


You don’t see the point in moving. You don’t have a good enough reason to get up.


You haven’t been feeling like yourself. You’ve been off lately.


You don’t have anything better to do. You don’t know how else to spend your time. TC mark

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