The Way You Know Each Zodiac Sign Is About To Break Up With You

The Way You Know Each Zodiac Sign Is About To Break Up With You


They grow distant. They stop answering your texts quickly. They stop setting plans every weekend.


They get moody. They complain about everything you do. They start fights over every little thing.


They stop showing interest in talking to you, kissing you, touching you, having sex with you.


They stop telling you every detail about their day. They give you one-word answers. They avoid serious conversations.


They stop caring. They don’t call you out on your mistakes anymore. They don’t freak out when you do something wrong anymore. They don’t care enough to argue.


They point out your flaws. They pick fights. They give you reasons to break up with them. 


They stop saying I love you. They stop doing cute things for you. They stop putting in the effort.


They spend a lot of time crying over the relationship. A lot of time questioning the relationship.


They compare your relationship to every other relationship, to friends, to exes, to strangers.


They are blunt with you about how they aren’t sure how much longer the relationship is going to last.


They withdraw emotionally. They stop opening up. They put up walls again.


They stop talking about their future with you. They stop setting plans for too far ahead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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