The Romantic Gesture That Will Win Over Each Zodiac

The Romantic Gesture That Will Win Over Each Zodiac


Give her a long, sensual massage to soothe her muscles.


Scribble notes and leave them around the house for her to find.


Build a fort where you can watch her favorite movies and cuddle.


Do the dishes or vacuum the floors to save her the trouble.

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Watch the sun set with her and then gaze at the stars.


Make her coffee so it’s ready for her first thing in the morning.


Go traditional and surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.


Write her a poem meant especially for her.


Surprise her with a box of jewelry for no reason at all.


Cook her a three-course meal (or serve her breakfast in bed).


Run her a bath with candles placed around the tub and rose petals floating in the water.


Set up a picnic with sandwiches and a bottle of her favorite wine. TC mark

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