The Reason Each Zodiac Sign Has No Idea They're Beautiful 

The Reason Each Zodiac Sign Has No Idea They’re Beautiful 


You still see yourself as the person you were when you were younger, when you were still figuring yourself out, when you were intimidated by everyone and everything.


You’ve been obsessing over a single person who doesn’t seem interested in you, and you’re letting your self-worth be determined by the way they view you.


You’ve allowed yourself to believe every negative word uttered about you, but you won’t entertain the idea the positive things might be true, too.


You’re so distracted by the beauty in everyone else that you don’t have time to notice it in yourself.


You’ve been put through so much pain by a certain someone, and you assume that couldn’t have happened if you were pretty enough.


You have a bad habit of being hard on yourself. It’s the way you’ve always been and you haven’t figured out how to stop the pattern.


No one has reminded you of your beauty lately, and you often rely on other people to bring you happiness.


You still haven’t figured out that beauty comes in different flavors, and that even though someone else might be beautiful and look completely different than you, you can be beautiful, too.


You have been going through a dry spell, so you suddenly feel like no one is attracted to you anymore.


Someone convinced you you weren’t beautiful and you’ve never been able to get their voice out of your head.


You are so obsessed with fixing your supposed flaws that you’re unable to see the strengths mixed in between.


You haven’t been getting the attention you crave, so you’ve fallen under the assumption there must be something wrong with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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