What Each Zodiac Should Stop Accepting From Flames, Friends, And Family

What Each Zodiac Should Stop Accepting From Flames, Friends, And Family


Stop accepting half-ass effort. They should be pouring just as much energy into your relationship as you do. You shouldn’t be carrying all the weight.


Stop accepting excuses. There’s no excuse for someone treating you poorly. There’s no excuse for being a bad partner/friend.


Stop accepting half truths. Stop acting like it’s fine when someone lies straight to your face. Stop pretending you’re okay to preserve the relationship.


Stop accepting your role as the one who does everything for everyone. Other people should be giving back to you, too. They should be showing their thanks.


Stop accepting mixed signals. Stop letting people play with your emotions.


Stop accepting last minute plans. Stop letting other people treat you like a backup option.


Stop accepting empty apologies. Stop giving out second chances to people who aren’t deserving of your heart.


Stop accepting breaches of trust. If someone hurts you, you’re allowed to walk away. You don’t have to forgive them, simply because you love them.


Stop accepting disrespectful remarks. You shouldn’t be put down by the people who supposedly love you the most.


Stop accepting unbalanced affection. Expect more from the people who love you. Expect them to rise to your expectations.


Stop accepting repeated mistakes. If someone keeps hurting you in the same ways over and over again, they don’t deserve you any longer.


Stop accepting so much negativity. Don’t let anyone convince you you’re incapable of reaching your dreams. Don’t surround yourself with people who doubt you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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