What Each Zodiac Needs To Remember In February 2020

What Each Zodiac Needs To Remember In February 2020


Remember your discontent is meant to be examined. You’re not meant to live in misery.


Remember your responsibilities throughout the week shouldn’t prevent you from having fun on the weekends.


Remember you’re not supposed to go through it alone. Your friends and family would be there for you if you opened up to them.


Remember it’s never too late to start fresh. The resolutions you wanted to make in January and didn’t follow through on can be restarted in February.

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Remember your heart is bigger than it seems. It has plenty of room for new loves, so try not to dwell on your old ones.


Remember it’s okay to be angry with the world, but it’s not okay to take it out on the people who care about you the most.


Remember these tough times are making you stronger. They’re shaping you into steel.


Remember there’s no justification for their bad behavior. They might have an explanation, but that doesn’t mean you should accept it as an excuse.


Remember settling isn’t in your best interest. You should always strive for more.


Remember there’s more to the world than what’s in your own backyard. You shouldn’t stay there forever.


Remember the way you’re feeling now isn’t going to last. Every emotion is temporary.


Remember you’re the only one holding yourself back — and you can stop at any time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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