Why You're Having So Much Trouble Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You’re Having So Much Trouble Loving Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’re confusing self-love with self-confidence — but the truth is, you can have doubts about yourself and still love yourself.


You only focus on your flaws, on your failures, on your shortcomings. You never think about your strengths, your successes, your accomplishments.


You feel like every bad thing that happens to you is entirely your fault. You feel like you must’ve screwed up somehow or you wouldn’t be this miserable, when really, some things are out of your control.


You care too much about what other people think — and you assume they all hate you. You assume you know exactly how they feel, even though you’re really just guessing.

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You keep falling for toxic people. People who make you feel worthless. People who aren’t worth your heart.


It’s easier for you to criticize yourself than compliment yourself. You spend more time tearing yourself apart than building yourself up. You’re stuck in a self-destructive cycle.


You’re paying too much attention to other people. You’re so busy loving them that you never stop to give that same type of love to yourself.


You’re comparing yourself to others who you personally feel are more beautiful and successful. You’re convinced you aren’t doing as well as them, when really, it’s only a matter of opinion.


A part of you believes you don’t deserve happiness, so you never fight for it. You simply accept your sadness.


You’re a cynic. You think the worst about people. And you think the worst about yourself. You never give yourself any credit.


You’re overly focused on the negative. You dwell on your mistakes, but you never celebrate your successes.


You think too highly of other people. You put them on a pedestal. And you end up feeling bad about yourself in comparison. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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