Why Each Zodiac Sign Could Use A Drink Right About Now

Why Each Zodiac Sign Could Use A Drink Right About Now


You haven’t been sleeping right. You’ve been exhausted physically and emotionally.


You’ve been going through a rough patch in your relationship. You’ve been having trouble focusing on anything else.


Work has been stressing you out lately. You haven’t had much time to yourself since the year started.


You’ve been dealing with family drama. You’ve been trying to keep the peace.


You’ve been fretting over the future. You’ve been worried about what’s going to happen to you.


You’ve been feeling down lately. You’ve been in a bad mood you can’t seem to kick.


You’ve been trying to fix someone who doesn’t want your help. You’ve been spending all your time worrying about them.


You’ve been feeling like a failure lately. You’ve been disappointed with yourself.


You’ve been overthinking things again. You’ve been worried about whether you’ve been making the right decisions.


You haven’t been yourself lately. You’ve been feeling off.


You’ve been spending a lot of time out of the house lately. You’re socially drained.


You’ve been thinking about the past again. You’ve been torturing yourself with memories. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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