What Makes Each Zodiac A Damn Good Friend

What Makes Each Zodiac A Damn Good Friend


You’re blunt. You tell it like it is. If your friend is in a bad situation, you set them straight. You open their eyes. And you help them get their shit together.


You’re hilarious — and sometimes that’s exactly what your friends need. You know how to calm them down when they’re spiraling. You know how to get a laugh out of them when they’re about to break down. You know how to make them feel okay again.


You’re a good listener. No matter what your friend wants to vent about, you’re there to listen to them. They can cry to you. They can scream about life to you. They can say absolutely anything to you because you’ll be there.


You’re a nurturer. You know how to let loose, but when it’s time to clean up messes, you’re the first one to lend a helping hand. You’re the one with the advice. The one who always knows what to do.


You call people out. When they’re acting like an asshole, you let them know. You keep them grounded. You keep them in check.


You’re a hype man. Whenever your friend posts a selfie or gets dressed up before going out with you, you tell them how damn good they look. You make them feel confident. You make them feel sexy as hell.


You’re forgiving. If your friend drops off the face of the planet for a while because they’re going through some shit, you forgive them. If they have a bad day and act a little moody, you forgive them. If they show up late or take a little too long to answer your texts, you forgive them. You give them the freedom to fuck up.


You’re loyal. You’re protective. You’re always on their side. If someone talks shit about them, you’re going to defend them. You’re never going to let anyone cross them as long as you’re around.


You never judge. Your friend could admit their deepest, darkest secrets to you and you wouldn’t bat an eye. You wouldn’t start looking at them differently. You’ve been through some shit too, so you don’t act all high and mighty. People fuck up and that’s okay by you.


You’re supportive AF. You’re your friend’s biggest cheerleader. When they want to do something, whether it’s ask out their crush or apply for a new position, you make them feel like they’ve got this. You make sure they know you believe in them.


You’re brutally honest. If your friend is chasing after the wrong person, you’re going to bring them back down to reality. You’re going to talk sense into them. You’re going to make sure they don’t end up hurting themselves.


You’re pushy — in a good way. If there’s a concert or movie or restaurant you want to see, then you’re going to plan a day for your friends. You’re going to encourage them to come with you and encourage them to have a good time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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