What Each Zodiac Has The Most Trouble With In Relationships 

What Each Zodiac Has The Most Trouble With In Relationships 


You’re not great at sharing. You like to have your own private space, your own private things.


You’re not great at acting present. There’s always something else on your mind, something else you’re thinking about doing.


You’re not great at apologizing. When you’re wrong, you’re too stubborn to admit it.


You’re not great at communicating. You bottle up all of your emotions.


You’re not great at listening. You would rather be the one telling stories.


You’re not great at compromising. You always want things your way.


You’re not great at managing your schedule. You have trouble setting aside enough time for your person.


You’re not great at verbalizing your feelings. You never know the right words to say so you don’t say anything at all.


You’re not great with commitment. You close off your heart whenever someone gets too close.


You’re not great at showing your vulnerability. You always try to act strong, stable, put together.


You’re not great at trusting others. You’ve been hurt too many times to hand your heart over easily.


You’re not great at working together. You would rather do things on your own so you’re sure they’re done the right way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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