X Kickass Bachelorette Party Ideas (So You Can Skip The Strip Club)

33 Kickass Bachelorette Party Ideas (So You Can Skip The Strip Club)

If you don’t have the money to fly across the country or the stomach to visit a strip club, here are a few fun ideas for your (or your best friend’s) bachelorette party!

1. Plan a paint night where you can drink wine, eat appetizers, and paint a cute landscape.

2. Visit a spa (or create a spa in your own home) so you can each get manicures and pedicures while sipping champagne.

3. Go to a winery, a brewery, or a distillery for a tour and a tasting.

4. Take a pole dancing class. It’s good exercise — and it’s a sexy way for the bride to tease the groom.

5. Sign everyone up for a cooking class, a cake decorating class, or a cocktail mixing class.

6. Rent a party bus so you can travel from bar to bar without worrying about anyone driving drunk.

7. Visit a psychic to have your palms, your aura, or your tarot cards read.

8. Go to a local comedy club to watch stand up and have a few drinks.

9. Take a private spin class, a yoga class, or a dance class.

10. Have a fragrance party where you make perfumes or take a flower arranging class.

11. Take group pictures at a sunflower farm or a popular photo wall in town.

12. Sign up for trivia night, board game night, or karaoke night at the bar.

13. Challenge yourselves to an Escape Room.

14. Spend the day relaxing (and drinking) at the beach.

15. Visit a casino or a kid-friendlier arcade like Dave & Buster’s.

16. Go glamping in someone’s backyard or reserve a spot at a local campground.

17. Depending on the season, go apple picking, cherry picking, or pumpkin picking.

18. Rent a party boat or jet skis so you can go out on the water.

19. Visit a zoo or an aquarium to see the animals.

20. Let out your competitive sides by playing paintball, going bowling, or playing mini-golf.

21. Walk through a classic museum to admire the art — or take pictures together at a wax museum.

22. Get tickets to a music festival and dance your hearts out.

23. If the bride is more adventurous, go white water rafting, bungee jumping, or sky diving.

24. Visit a ranch to ride horses and pet the animals.

25. Go ice skating, roller skating, or ride bikes around your hometown.

26. Go hiking through a local trail and have a picnic once you reach the most scenic spot.

27. Walk through the mall to grab some lunch and pick out matching outfits.

28. Visit an amusement park to ride all the roller coasters and win all the prizes.

29. Take a hot air balloon ride or a helicopter ride over a scenic location.

30. Host a poker night at your place. Or challenge each other to video games like Mario Kart instead.

31. Visit the tattoo parlor and get new ink together. You can even get some matching tattoos.

32. Visit a bingo hall — or play board games inside of your own home. You can even make personalized games about the engaged couple.

33. Have a sleepover like when you were kids in high school. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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