Why You Need To Forget About Him In 2020

Why You Need To Forget About Him In 2020


You need to start the year on a clean slate. You need to leave the past in the past.


He never treated you right. You deserve better.


There are more important things for you to focus on in 2020. Your relationship isn’t your priority right now.


You already wasted too much of 2019 on him. You don’t want to make the same mistake again.

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This is the year where you raise your standards. This is the year where you refuse to settle for someone beneath you.


You’re turning into a different person. A person who doesn’t need him anymore.


He’s bad for you. He only brings you down.


This year will be better without him. You’ll be stronger without him.


You can’t keep clinging to the past. You have to give yourself permission to move ahead with your life.


He isn’t thinking about you. So there’s no sense in thinking about him.


You need to learn to live without him. You need to see your happiness doesn’t depend on having him around.


He isn’t the one you’re meant to be with forever. He was only temporary. TC mark

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