Why Each Zodiac Sign Was Disappointed By 2019

Why Each Zodiac Sign Was Disappointed By 2019


You’re disappointed you didn’t reach your main goal of the year — but you still accomplished so many other things.


You’re disappointed a relationship didn’t end up working out with someone you really cared about — but you should be proud of yourself for how well you’re handling the heartache.


You’re disappointed you put yourself out there and failed — but you should be proud you were brave enough to take that risk.


You’re disappointed someone you loved let you down — but you should be thankful they showed you their true colors.

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You’re disappointed you didn’t make much progress learning to love yourself — but the fact that you want to treat yourself better is already a step in the right direction.


You’re disappointed you let your loved ones down — but their goals don’t have to be your goals.


You’re disappointed you’re still single — but there’s no timeline, there’s no need to rush.


You’re disappointed you didn’t break your bad habits — but the second (or third or thirtieth) time’s the charm.


You’re disappointed you haven’t dated in a while — but that’s given you the chance to focus on other important things.


You’re disappointed you had so much trouble reaching your goals — but you can continue to pursue them next year.


You’re disappointed in the way you’ve treated some people you care about — but even though you can’t change the past, you can always change your behavior in the future.


You’re disappointed your heart got broken — but you should be happy you had the chance to love, if only for a little while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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