Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Prone To Almost Relationships

Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Prone To Almost Relationships


You don’t like to talk about your emotions, so your person never realizes how you feel.


You get attached easily and let others string you along just so you get to spend more time with them.


Your feelings are confusing, so it’s easier to go with the flow than to complicate things with a relationship.


You’re worried you’ll drive them away by admitting you have such strong feelings for them, so you keep everything locked away.

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You have high standards and want someone to prove their worth before you consider them yours.


You’ve tricked yourself into believing you can’t get hurt if you aren’t an official couple.


You’re too nice to complain about how you want more.


You want to keep your options open because you’re young and aren’t really sure whether you want to settle down.


You like to have a good time and don’t think labels are the most important thing in the world.


You’re scared of intimacy and hesitate to make commitments until you really get to know the person.


You’re terrified of making the first move so you just keep waiting and waiting and waiting.


You have an easier time becoming friends with people than flirting with people, so your relationships always get stuck before they become official. TC mark

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