Why Each Zodiac Is Prone To Toxic Relationships

Why Each Zodiac Is Prone To Toxic Relationships


You crave excitement and uncertainty, and that’s what toxic people bring to the table, even though they also bring pain.


You’re too stubborn to walk away from a relationship that isn’t working.


You don’t think you can do any better, so you settle for less.


You get attached easily and have a hard time letting go.

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You were raised to believe you don’t walk away from problems, you fix problems.


You blindly believe apologies and give out unlimited second chances.


You always see the best in people, no matter how many times they show you their true colors.


You hate being alone, so you jump into the wrong relationships to avoid the single life.


You mistake jealousy and arguments for love and passion.


You believe people can change, and you like the challenge that comes with trying to change them.


Your heart overpowers your head, your gut, your common sense.


You’re too trusting and never see the red flags until it’s too late. TC mark

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