Why Each Zodiac Is Prone To FWBs, Even When They Want A Serious Relationship

Why Each Zodiac Is Prone To FWBs, Even When They Want A Serious Relationship


You’re impulsive. When you want someone, you have trouble holding yourself back, even if you know you’re going to end up hurt.


You’re an optimist and assume they want the same things you want without actually asking.


You’re scared of chasing them away. You stuff everything deep down in order to play it cool.


You always hope you can change their mind. You hope you can convince them to date you.


You feel like it’s better to have a casual relationship with someone you like than have no relationship at all.


You pretend you aren’t interested in serious relationships. You pretend you’re okay with something casual.


You’re too nice. You don’t ask for what you want because you’re worried about giving them what they want.


You don’t always think before you act. You do what feels right in the moment.


You’re a sucker for passion, adventure, and spontaneous sex.


You have trouble expressing your emotions. You hesitate to tell anyone how you really feel.


You’re trying to play it safe. You’re trying to protect your heart.


You confuse intimacy for love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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