How Your Heart Changed From The Start Of 2019 To The End

How Your Heart Changed From The Start Of 2019 To The End


You no longer wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re careful about who you trust.


You no longer think the best of everyone. You wait for them to prove they can be trusted.


You don’t move quickly anymore. You are cautious and move slowly to avoid getting hurt.


You’re not obsessed with the idea of a relationship anymore. You’ve learned to find happiness on your own.


You no longer chase after people. If they don’t put in any effort, neither do you.


You no longer remain in toxic situations. You walk away as soon as someone starts to disrespect you.


You no longer settle for casual relationships or almost relationships. You expect a serious commitment.


You no longer trust people as easily as you once did. You’re always on the lookout for red flags.


You’re not hesitant to get into a relationship anymore. Your heart is open to the possibility of falling in love.


You no longer bottle everything up inside. You express your emotions freely.


You don’t take relationships slowly anymore. You jump to the chase right away so you can see whether someone is compatible with you or not.


You no longer assume the worst of everyone. You give the benefit of the doubt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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