The One Sentence That Seduces Each Zodiac Sign

The One Sentence That Seduces Each Zodiac Sign


“I want to hold you tight and spank you hard.”


“I’m in the mood to cuddle — but I can’t promise it won’t turn into anything more than that.”


“Want to come over for a glass of wine, a back massage, and the wildest sex of your life?”


“I’m wearing that cologne you love.”

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“I keep picturing you naked, in my bed, orgasming against my tongue.”


“The sexiest thing about you is when you look at me like that.”


“Seeing you smile is such a turn-on.”


“I can’t stop thinking about running my thumb across those soft lips of yours.”


“I had a dream about you last night… But you look even hotter in real life.”


“I’ve never been this turned on by someone’s mind before.”


“Anything you want, I’ll make it happen tonight.”


“I don’t mean to sound impatient, but I can’t wait another second to see what’s under that dress.” TC mark

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