The Big Lesson Each Zodiac Learned In 2019

The Big Lesson Each Zodiac Learned In 2019


You learned to show more appreciation for the people who support you — and to kick toxic people to the curb without feeling bad about the aftermath.


You learned you’re never going to accomplish your goals unless you learn to stay focused, to stay patient, to stay confident in your abilities.


You learned you’re a work in progress, you’re far from perfect, you’re in need of some adjustments — but you are willing to put in the work to better yourself and that makes you special.


You learned you can survive on your own, that you’re stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for, that you don’t need anyone else in order to achieve happiness.

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You learned life can change in an instant — so you need to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you every chance you get.


You learned you could do everything right and still get screwed over — but that doesn’t mean you should become a cynic and start treating other people disrespectfully. It only means you should never take your good moments for granted.


You learned you cannot control other people, force them to love you, or convince them to give you a chance. You can only control yourself, your actions and reactions.


You learned you need to put less effort into pleasing other people and more effort into making sure you are stable, secure, and satisfied.


You learned remaining in your comfort zone isn’t going to make you happy, so it’s better to take chances, it’s better to take risks.


You learned you’re in charge of your own happiness and cannot rely on anyone else to put a smile on your face for you,.


You learned your mental health deserves attention, you deserve an occasional vacation, you deserve to give yourself breaks to stop yourself from burning out.


You learned it’s better to have a small circle of people around you who you can trust than to have fake friends and toxic relationships. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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