Why You're Not Chasing After Your Dreams, Based On Your Zodiac

Why You’re Not Chasing After Your Dreams, Based On Your Zodiac


Because you’re scared of failure. You’re choosing to hold yourself back instead of even trying.


Because you’re worried it would only be a waste of time. You’re worried there’s no point.


Because a part of you feels like you don’t deserve happiness — even though you do.


Because you’re worried the timing isn’t right. You keep finding more and more reasons to procrastinate.

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Because you have too many other things on your plate right now. You’re not considering your dreams a priority.


Because you’re comfortable right now. You don’t want to risk losing everything you have, even if it means gaining something you’ve always wanted.


Because you never get what you want. You feel like chasing your dreams isn’t going to end well — but you never know!


Because you’re scared of change. You aren’t interested in taking a risk because a risk could mean failure — but it could also mean success.


Because you’re scared of embarrassing yourself. You’re scared of what other people might think.


Because you’re your own worst enemy. You’re doubting yourself when you should be encouraging yourself.


Because you don’t have enough motivation. You would rather sit around and have fun than put in the work.


Because you’re scared you’re not good enough. You’re letting your insecurities get the best of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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