Why You Should Put The Wine Down And Stop Drinking For A While (Based On Your Zodiac)

Why You Should Put The Wine Down And Stop Drinking For A While (Based On Your Zodiac)


Because alcohol isn’t helping you solve any problems, it’s only helping you run from them for a while.


Because drinking isn’t going to take your loneliness away.


Because, despite what you think, alcohol doesn’t make you more likable.


Because you aren’t the best version of yourself when you’re drunk.

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Because alcohol is expensive and you could use the extra money right now.


Because hangovers suck — and they waste your entire day.


Because you need to start prioritizing your physical and mental health.


Because you can have just as much fun sober (and will actually remember it the next day).


Because you don’t want to drunk text your ex and ruin all the progress you’ve made.


Because drinking isn’t going to numb your pain.


Because you can learn to grow more confident without the help of alcohol.


Because you’re going to be drinking more than enough once the holidays come around. TC mark

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