Why She Isn't Swiping Right On You, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Why She Isn’t Swiping Right On You, Based On Her Zodiac Sign


If your profile picture shows you with a blurred out girl, she’s swiping left.


If your bio brags about how much you drink or smoke, she’s swiping left.


If all your photos are shirtless, she’s swiping left.


If you bash any type of woman in your bio, she’s swiping left.

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If you say you’re not looking for anything serious, she’s swiping left.


If you don’t have a bio, she’s swiping left.


If your photos show you with a dead animal, she’s swiping left.


If your face isn’t in any of your photos, she’s swiping left.


If your bio mentions your crazy ex, she’s swiping left.


If there are spelling issues in your bio, she’s swiping left.


If your bio makes fun of ‘basic’ girls who like Starbucks, she’s swiping left.


If your bio only talks about sex, she’s swiping left. TC mark

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