When Each Zodiac Sign Is The Most Tempted To Text Their Ex

When Each Zodiac Sign Is The Most Tempted To Text Their Ex


When you get rejected and need someone to boost your confidence.


Late at night when you’re alone in bed and wishing you had someone to cuddle.


When you’re bored and wish you had someone to keep you entertained.


When you’re surrounded by happy couples and you’re the only single one there.

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When you see them post a new (insanely attractive) picture on Instagram.


When you’re feeling your most confidence and want to rub your happiness in their face.


When you get home from a failed date with someone else who could never compare to your ex.


When you’re all alone on the weekends and have nothing better to do.


When you’re horny and want someone to touch you.


When you’re drunk and in the mood to make stupid decisions.


When you hear a song or watch a series that reminds you of them.


When you get bad news and you try to turn to them for comfort. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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