What Your Forever Person Wants You To Know, Based On His Zodiac Sign 

What Your Forever Person Wants You To Know, Based On His Zodiac Sign 


He loves you, even though he doesn’t say those three little words all the time.


He loves your brain more than anything else, even though he usually only compliments your looks.


Even though he loves hanging out with the guys, he considers you his best friend.


He actually enjoys going shopping with you and watching your favorite shows, even though he complains about it.


Even though he likes his job, he spends most of his day thinking about coming home to you.


He thinks you’re hilarious, even though he teases you about your sense of humor.


He trusts you not to hurt him, even though he has baggage and gets overly insecure sometimes.


He hates to see you upset, even though he doesn’t always know how to fix things and make you feel better.


He genuinely believes you’re the perfect person for him, even though you have your differences.


He brags about you all the time to his friends, even if he doesn’t give you the same compliments to your face.


He’s proud of everything you’ve accomplished, even if he doesn’t say it enough.


Even though he loves seeing his friends, he would rather be at home with you on the couch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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