What Each Zodiac Considers A Flaw -- That Is Actually A Strength 

What Each Zodiac Considers A Flaw — That Is Actually A Strength 


Your stubbornness. It means you don’t give up easily. It means you’re persistent. It means, when you want something, you keep trying until you get it.


Your moodiness. It means you’re comfortable showing vulnerability. It means you’re in touch with your emotions. It means you consider your own feelings valid.


Your fickleness. It means you’re open to hearing other people’s opinions. It means you’re willing to change your beliefs as you grow and learn. It means you’re open-minded.


Your gullibility. It means you’re trusting. It means you believe in the goodness of people. It means you have a soft heart.

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Your selfishness. It means you put yourself first. It means you consider yourself a priority. It means you make sure you’re always doing okay before you worry about anybody else.


Your bluntness. It means you’re brutally honest. It means you don’t go easy on anyone. It means everything you say is the truth because you don’t sugarcoat anything.


Your vanity. It means you take good care of yourself. It means you keep your body healthy. It means you realize you deserve to be pampered.


Your unpredictability. It means you aren’t afraid of taking risks. It means you always have fun stories to tell. It means you’re never boring.


Your immaturity. It means you’re a kid at heart. It means you aren’t afraid to have fun. It means you don’t care what anyone else thinks of you.


Your negativity. It means you’re always prepared for the worst. It means you’re careful with how you proceed. It means you’re aware the world isn’t always fair.


Your messiness. It means you’re not afraid of making mistakes. It means you’re not afraid of embarrassing yourself. It means you do what has to be done.


Your pickiness. It means you have high standards. It means you aren’t going to settle. It means you understand what you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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