How He's Going To Break Your Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign 

How He’s Going To Break Your Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign 


He’s going to ghost you. He’s going to drop off the face of the planet without warning.


He’s going to lead you on for months — and never ask you out officially.


He’s going to promise you forever and then cheat on you.


He’s going to make you do all the work — and then complain you’re smothering him.


He’s going to make you feel like you’re in competition with other women, like you have to compete for his love.


He’s not going to put a label on your relationship. He’s going to keep things casual.


He’s going to admit he’s still in love with his ex.


He’s going to tell you he loves you as a friend and only a friend.


He’s going to sleep with you and then lose interest.


He’s going to reject you. Bluntly. Without trying to spare your feelings.


He’s going to end up marrying the girl he dates right after losing interest in you.


He’s going to send mixed signals for months, slowly driving you insane. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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