How Each Zodiac Gets Fooled By Their Emotions

How Each Zodiac Gets Fooled By Their Emotions


You assume everyone hates you and push them away.


You assume everyone has good intentions and let them take advantage of you.


You assume everyone is shallow and only wants one thing.


You assume everyone is loyal and never see any red flags.

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You assume everyone is out to get you and keep your secrets to yourself.


You assume everyone learns from their mistakes and give out second chances.


You assume everyone is good deep down and give them the benefit of the doubt.


You assume everyone is a liar and never take what they say at face value.


You assume everyone is manipulative and never open up your heart.


You assume everyone is selfish and never rely on them for anything.


You assume everyone is naive and never listen to their opinions.


You assume everyone is honest and believe all their lies. TC mark

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