Why People (Wrongly) Think You're Lazy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why People (Wrongly) Assume You’re Lazy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Because most of the hard work you do is completed behind closed doors.


Because you don’t brag about how much you get done in a day, like most people.


Because you get a healthy amount of sleep.


Because you let other people take the credit you deserve.

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Because you’re a perfectionist and a procrastinator.


Because you’re way too hard on yourself and call yourself lazy.


Because you put your mental health before your work ethic.


Because sometimes your bad moods get the best of you and you don’t get much done.


Because you do what you want to do instead of what society expects you to do.


Because you don’t post every one of your accomplishments on social media.


Because you rarely leave the house.


Because you actually set aside time for breaks and vacations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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