Why Each Zodiac Sign Looks Like An Asshole (Even Though They're A Sweetheart) 

Why Each Zodiac Sign Looks Like An Asshole (Even Though They’re A Sweetheart) 


They aren’t good at expressing their emotions. They show affection for people they care about by teasing them.


They’re stubborn. They don’t like to budge on their opinions, even if it leads to arguments.


They’re sarcastic. Sometimes, other people aren’t able to tell when they’re joking and when they’re dead serious.


They’re defensive. When they feel like they’re being attacked, they shut down.


They’re blunt. They say exactly what’s on their mind without thinking through how it might sound.


They’re obsessed with their work. They spend a lot of time talking about their accomplishments, which can accidentally come across as bragging.


They’re quiet. Some people mistake them for snobs because they don’t contribute to conversations unless they have something important to add.


They know their own worth and don’t let anyone else put them down, which can sometimes seem more cocky than confident.


They spend most of their time talking and not enough time listening. It can make them seem self-absorbed.


They’re intelligent — and they know it. They can come across like show offs if they’re not careful.


They don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. So sometimes they lie through their teeth and get caught.


They’re always staring at their phone. Even in the middle of conversations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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