50 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Depressed Person Unless You Want To Lose Them As A Friend

50 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Depressed Person Unless You Want To Lose Them As A Friend

Ask Reddit never wants you to say these things to a depressed friend who needs your support.

1. No one likes to be around a depressed person.

2. Why pay to see a therapist when you can talk to your family about it?

3. You’re obviously not that depressed, you’re sitting here talking and smiling.

4. You have no reason to be depressed.

5. Why don’t you just be positive?

6. Grow the fuck up.

7. You’re just lazy.

8. You went through nothing to traumatize you.

9. Just try not to think about it.

10. Other people have it worse.

11. You are just being overdramatic.

12. I don’t understand why you’re depressed. You’re pretty.

13. You’re just going through a phase.

14. You give off a bad vibe.

15. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

16. It’s because your relationship with God is weak.

17. It’s all in your head.

18. You just want attention.

19. Just smile! You’re prettier when you smile!

20. Everyone has their problems, people just need to get over them

21. Whatever you’re depressed about, I’m depressed about something much worse.

22. You just gotta get up and get out there.

23. Well, I didn’t need medication for my depression.

24. Just go to bed, you’ll feel better tomorrow.

25. But your medication treats your depression, so you shouldn’t feel depressed now.

26. I don’t have time for this.

27. If you’re not suicidal, you’re not depressed.

28. Mind over matter.

29. My life is worse than yours, so you have no right to complain.

30. You need vitamin D, get a sun lamp!

31. God will help you overcome this.

32. Depression is a fake disease made up by big pharma.

33. Some people are dead, you have the privilege to feel sorry for yourself.

34. You should take some vitamins.

35. Try harder.

36. Are you on your period?

37. You don’t need a therapist. Just deal with it.

38. You’re a smart guy, you’ll figure it out.

39. Just choose to be happy… it’s that easy.

40. You deserve to be depressed. If you wouldn’t hide inside all the time, you’d be fine, but you never go out anymore. So it’s your fault you have depression.

41. You should get outside more. That’s what I do.

42. Why don’t you try and change your attitude?

43. You’re just pretending to be depressed so you can skip school.

44. Just think happy thoughts about happy things.

45. Why are you such a drain on your environment all the time?

46. Snap out of it.

47. Just stop being depressed.

48. Pull yourself together. People are starting to talk.

49. Depression isn’t real.

50. Maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time on your phone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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