Why Your First Dates Never Turn Into Second Dates, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why Your First Dates Never Turn Into Second Dates, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You expect sparks right away. If you don’t feel intense chemistry during your first conversation, you give up on the relationship.


You’re too nitpicky. When you find one little thing you don’t like about a person, you blow it out of proportion.


You get intimidated easily. You have a much harder time being yourself in person than you did when you were texting them.


You take things too seriously and think too far ahead. If you don’t think this person is marriage material, you don’t give them a chance.


You’re too picky. You don’t think anyone is good enough for you.


You treat dates like interviews. You grill the other person and sap the fun out of the evening.


You overthink and overanalyze everything they’ve said until you convince yourself they aren’t a good match for you.


You hold your cards to close to your chest. You come across as uninterested which makes the other person lose interest.


You’re still living in the past. You’re comparing everyone to your ex — who you’re still not over.


You’re terrified of rejection so you sabotage the relationship before it gets too serious.


You build the person up inside your head and when you see them in person, the illusion is shattered.


You never make the first move. You expect them to set plans and initiate the first kiss instead of taking charge yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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