Why You Can't Keep A Relationship For Long, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 

Why You Can’t Keep A Relationship For Long, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 

Aries: March 21 – April 19th

You get bored easily and lose interest.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

As soon as someone shows interest in you, you lose interest in them.

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

You fall for people who aren’t interested in anything long-term.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

There’s a part of you that is scared of happiness.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

You give up on people at the first signs of trouble.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

You like your independence, so you’re more comfortable when you’re single.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

You always want what you can’t have.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

Relationships aren’t your top priority so you get distracted with other things.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

You feel like you’re too young to settle down, so you hop from person to person.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

You’re scared of relationships and run away as soon as things get serious.

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

You get lazy and stop putting in effort once the puppy love phase ends.

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

You overthink and end up sabotaging the relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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