Why No One Likes You When You're Drunk, Based On Your Zodiac

Why No One Likes You When You’re Drunk, Based On Your Zodiac


You’re combative. You’re snippy. You start arguments over the stupidest things.


You get sleepy. You don’t want to party. After a little wine, you want to go home and cuddle in bed.


You peer pressure everyone. You don’t want to get drunk alone, so you encourage your friends to take another shot, to stay out another hour, to skip work tomorrow.


You cry too much. You might be shedding happy tears, frustrated tears, nervous tears, sad tears — but there are going to be waterworks either way.


You turn on the charm — a little too much. You flirt with everyone you come across. You become obsessed with making out.


You lose your filter. You say the first thing that pops into your head without worrying about hurting feelings. You get a little too blunt.


You reminisce too much about the past. You bring up the same stories you’ve already told ten times already. You keep repeating yourself.


You become overly affectionate. You stand too close to everyone and hug everyone and talk about how much you love everyone.


You drunk text and drunk snap and drunk post. You’re a little too open on social media. It can get embarrassing.


You turn up the volume. You speak too loud. You laugh too loud. You make way too much noise.


You make drunken plans you never follow through on the next day. You promise everyone you’re going to see them again soon and then change your mind once you’re sober.


You get clumsy. You spill drinks. You drop your phone — and lose your phone. You act like a child. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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