Annoying Things Introverts Wish Extroverts Would Stop Doing Once And For All

33 Annoying Things Introverts Wish Extroverts Would Stop Doing Once And For All

If you’re an extrovert, do your introvert friends from Ask Reddit a favor and stop doing the following things:

1. Constantly bug you to go out, guilt trip you to go out, and be annoyed you’re miserable in public.

2. Insist on speaking to me on the phone when it could be easily done by text.

3. Extroverts in charge of work activities who absolutely insist you must have icebreakers every time.

4. Invite more people over without telling you first and you are notified by their walking through the door. “The more the merrier right?” Wrong.

5. Expect you to go out and meet up with them with 30 minutes notice at random moments during the day.

6. I wish people would stop asking me what I did over the weekend every Monday. It’s never interesting. It will never be interesting. Please leave me alone.

7. Try to get me to dance. I don’t want to dance, I’m not going to dance, now leave me alone.

8. Forcing me to do stuff I’m not comfortable with or stirring up conversations about topics I have ZERO interest or knowledge in (E.g. Sports, any drama TV shows) and then they shame me for it like wut.

9. People who try to strike up conversations on public transit. Sorry, but being on the bus just in and of itself can be stressful enough for me, and if you’re sitting next to me I already feel boxed in, so leave me alone, please.

10. Talk with you while touching your shoulder or any other part of your body.

11. Interrupt. This is true especially when talking over a quiet person who doesn’t speak as often.

12. Hey, you see this book in my hand? The one I’m reading? Believe it or not, I was reading it, so please stop talking to me.

13. Call out quiet people. Sometimes they’re introverted, sometimes they have a lot on their mind, but they would probably be talking if they wanted to be

Not to be confused with kindly approaching someone who’s alone to be friendly or some motive of inclusion; this is more the loudly and belligerently pointing out that X is being too quiet for your taste.

14. Taking it personally if you don’t want to hang out.

15. Ask you why you won’t go to a party they’re inviting you to. And when you say you can’t, they demand detailed explanations, and if you’re honest and say you’d rather stay home and watch a movie, they’ll judge you and keep pushing until you change your mind. And when you don’t, it’s just awkward.

16. Assume that you’re missing out by not going to events. I’m super introverted but for some reason I always get along with extroverts. All my close friends are extremely outgoing and extroverted. They all seem to have this thing where they think I suffer from FOMO when I don’t go to events or don’t get invited. Like no I actually suffer from JOMO if anything. Watching your instagram stories at a club/party/event surrounded by people yelling and being obnoxious gives me joy that I stayed home

17. Small. Talk.

18. Trying to change them. People have no clue how heartbreaking it is. Let them be, instead of repairing them just because they’re not like you.

19. Extroverts seem to block aisles at stores more often than introverts I think because they keep talking to each other. Sometimes introverts are more space aware.

20. I love my extroverted friends, but I hate when they invite me somewhere, I accept the invitation, and then they spend most of the time talking with other people. Please understand I came out mostly to hang out with you, there’s almost no chance I’m making new friends unless I’m quite drunk. Facing a night of small talk with people I don’t know (and inevitably searching out a quiet corner to just be on my phone) is awful.

21. Me: says something after a while of silence

Prick: gasp he speaks!

Fuck off.

22. Listen to music out loud in public.

23. My more extroverted older family members have a habit of reading headlines or “funny” bits aloud when reading the newspaper or social media and other people happen to be in the room.

24. Always trying to talk to you because they feel bad about you being so quiet and alone. Like dude I wanna sit in my own little corner chill.

25. Pulling you into a conversation with someone else you don’t know, then leaving both of you to talk.

It’s even worse when they do it with another introvert, so both of you quickly run out of things to say so you both of you stand around or just walk away from each other.

26. Repeat a joke that I said quieter and to have everyone else laugh at “their” joke.

27. Wanting to hangout multiple days in a row. I need time to recharge!

28. Everybody I pass when out shopping like at Wal-Mart or wherever, always says hi to me. I say hi back out of kindness, and I know they are just trying to be friendly, but I DON’T KNOW YOU, why are we even acknowledging each other? There is no purpose to this pointless interaction. It’s not nearly as big of a deal as I make it out to be, but it’s always annoyed the shit out of me. I can’t help how I feel.

29. If I had a PENNY for the number of times in my life that someone has asked me, “Are you okay?” I could buy a small island.

30. Call us socially awkward, nah bitch I’m socially selective you just didn’t make the cut.

31. Bored cashiers or fast food workers trying to make small talk about stuff I buy, which invariably sounds like criticism. “You’re having BLT today again? Are you sure you don’t want anything else?” “You’re going to turn into a hummus wrap someday.” Yes, I get the thing I like every time. Why would I buy something I don’t like instead? Can’t wait until they get replaced by robots!

32. Lie about the number of people who are going to be at an event to get me to go. 20 people is already a lot, but I can prepare myself for that. I can’t just adapt to there being 60 people when I was told 20.

33. Hugging, saying you are stand offish if you do not hug. No. Go fuck your self. My body, my boundaries. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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