Zodiacs Ranked From 'Killing 2019' To 'This Just Not Being Their Year'

Zodiacs Ranked From ‘Killing 2019’ To ‘This Just Not Being Their Year’

Aries – You haven’t given up your resolutions like usual. You’ve managed to maintain your motivation until now — and you aren’t planning on giving up anytime soon. You swore this would be your year and you’re still determined to make that happen.

Cancer – A lot of big changes have been happening around you. You were scared of them at first, resistant at first, but everything seems to be working out all right. This year could turn out much better than you thought.

Libra – This is more of a transitional year for you. You’ve been putting down the stepping stones toward making 2020 the single greatest year of your existence — and you can’t wait to see what awaits you.

Scorpio – This year, you’ve found out a lot of new things about yourself. You’ve made a lot of tough choices. It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it.

Pisces – This year is pretty basic. You don’t have much going on, but you don’t have much to complain about either. If every year was like this, you’d be perfectly happy.

Capricorn – You’ve had some good moments and some bad moments. You’ve reached milestones you never thought possible and suffered some pretty crushing defeats. You’re honestly not sure whether this has been the best year of your life or the most challenging.

Virgo – Honestly, this feels like any other year to you. There’s nothing special about it, but there’s nothing horrible about it either. Sure, things could be better, but you’re pretty content at the moment.

Gemini – You’re not sure what to make of this year. It’s been pretty shitty — but it’s not even halfway over yet. You still have plenty of time to make the changes you wish you would have made earlier in the year.

Taurus – You had a rough start to the year. You suffered loses. You made it through awful days. But the good news is it can only be uphill from here.

Aquarius – This year has been disappointing. It’s not what you expected or what you hoped to experience — but you’re going to stay optimistic. You’re going to convince yourself things will get better soon.

Leo – You realized pretty early on this just isn’t your year. Whenever you take a step forward, you get yanked backward again. It’s not that you aren’t trying. You’ve been working your ass off. But the universe hasn’t been on your side lately.

Sagittarius – Nothing has been going right for you lately. You’ve been struggling with your career and your love life and your friendships, but hey, you’re still here. You’re still going. You’re damn proud of yourself for that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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