The Key To Rediscovering Your Happiness, According To Your Zodiac Sign

How are you feeling? Happy? Sad? Somewhere in between? Read on to find out how you can rediscover your happiness, according to your Zodiac:


(March 21-April 19)

Re-connect with your inner sense of adventure. Make time to plan a trip or day excursion. Summer won’t last forever and now is your chance to seize the day.


(April 20-May 20)

Organize and clean up your space. You pride yourself in your belongings and when your space looks neat you feel more put together. Throw away some of the old and then shop for something new.


(May 21-June 20)

Embrace newness in your life. Dare yourself to try new things and experience new environments. You thrive on change and mischief, so take a chance on a fun night in a new place.


(June 21-July 22)

Prioritize “me time.” You are often pulled in so many different directions and you have a strong desire to be there fore everyone. At the end of the day, make sure there is enough time for just you.


(July 23-August 24)

Take on a new project or take the lead on a plan with friends. As a creative person, you enjoy entertaining and impressing others with your innovative mind. Any plan you take on is sure to end in success.


(August 23-September 22)

Try a new hobby or sport. Your super organized mind needs a break every now and then. Invest time in a fun activity like cooking, painting, or swimming.


(September 23-October 22)

While you have an amazing circle of friends, take sometime to go out with yourself. Not only will this allow you to have some independence and space, but it will also allow you to connect with the new people around you.


(October 23-November 21)

Start to write down and express your emotions and thoughts. You are a deeply emotional person and you tend to keep your guard up. For a change, let yourself explore these feelings and put them down on some form of medium.


(November 22-December 21)

Find ways to appease your overactive mind. Whether this is going on a trip, visiting a museum, or exploring a new place in your neighborhood, make sure you set aside time for these fun outings.


(December 22-January 19)

Connect with close friends and family. While your focus on work is admirable, sometimes it takes away from the close relationships you have. Start to put aside a bit more time for your loved ones.


(January 20-February 18)

As an Aquarius, you believe that learning is a life long project. Yet, reading a new book or watching a new documentary isn’t always at the top of your list. Start to make time for the little things in your life.


(February 19-March 20)

Start experimenting with new forms of self-expression. You are an incredibly artistic soul. It is important that you keep pushing your abilities when it comes to your creative endeavors. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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