21 Signs You’re A Boss B*tch Who Takes No Sh*t

Women are really beautiful, incredible goddesses when you think about all we can do. We fucking give life, both literally or by doing something that elicits a “that just gave me so much life” response. Being a boss ass bitch doesn’t just mean donning a pair of stilettos or only listening to Nicki Minaj, it’s a way of embracing exactly who you are, and not putting up with any bullshit. Three self-proclaimed boss bitches, Crissy Milazzo, Ari Eastman, and myself put together a comprehensive list to know if you too, are a boss ass bitch. And spoiler alert, you probably are. Because you’re the shit.


1. Sticks and stones

Words can hurt you, and you choose your own words wisely, even when you’re speaking your mind freely. But even the most hurtful words can’t bring you down, because you’ve heard them all before. People call you a bitch to try to break you, and you know what? You call yourself a Boss Bitch because they’ll never succeed in doing so.

2. Self-made woman

You’re not trying to marry up. Fuck that, anyone you date is marrying up by marrying you.

3. You live by “fuck the haters”

Haters don’t discourage you, they just fuel your need to prove them wrong.

4. #NoFilter

Doesn’t matter if you’re Beyoncé or not, you can still wake up and rock what you got. You’ve worked on your self-confidence and damn it if you’re not going to flaunt the hell out of it.

5. No scrubs

You’ve dated some awful people, sure, but every single shithead taught you a lesson that you don’t just ignore because of heartbreak. You kind of think ‘heartbreak’ is a stupid term, because one fallout doesn’t mean you’re broken or in need of repair—you’re actually getting stronger.

6. First place or no place

Yeah, you’re going to try to be the best and, honestly? Anyone trying to get in your way can just step the hell aside.

7. Bow down

You don’t need royal blood in your ancestry to know you’re a queen. And the truest way to know you’re a queen? You encourage the women around you to find their inner crown too.

8. Have it all? Nah.

You don’t want to have it all in the traditional sense. You like what you like and don’t bother listening to what other people have to say about it. You’re successful on your terms.

9. You werk

You’re not looking for a hand out. You’re not sitting around doing nothing. You are working hard to make a name for yourself, build up your empire, and generally achieve world domination. *shoulder brush*

10. You know you aren’t *the* boss

You can’t be completely confident every single second, and you know that. On your worst days, you remind yourself that you can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. The realest reason everyone thinks you’re *the* boss is that you know you’re really just in control of your own damn self—and that’s the most powerful thing you can be.

11. Do you, boo

You don’t purposely take down others in a feeble attempt to feel better about yourself. You’re above that, and know that people who resort to catty, immature behavior like that are just trying to prove something they themselves don’t believe.

12. Ideas over people

When you get together with your equally-amazing friends, you discuss big ideas and dreams—not people. You respect people and don’t make it a point to needlessly gossip. You got big ideas and big dreams to discuss.

13. No fake friends

Flaky, inconsiderate, or otherwise toxic friends get put in a box to the left when they fool you more than once. Honestly? As much as it sucks to lose friends, you’re ultimately happy to cut those people out of your life and make room for those who treat you with equal respect.

14. You’re not playing

In dating, you are upfront and honest about what you’re looking for. You don’t play games, because you are a grown woman who has better things to do with her time than try to decipher a text message for two hours. If someone is looking for what you’re looking for, great. If not, bye.

15. You’ve got it covered

You’ve only got one body, so you’re gonna make sure she gets the treatment she deserves. And that includes taking care of yourself. The guy you’re seeing tries to pull some, “I’ve got no condoms with me” move? Oh, lucky him, you come prepared and aren’t afraid to tell him, “Oh good, I brought some. But if you’re not down, I’m happy to leave.”

16. …Speaking of sex

You are not afraid of asking for exactly what you want in the bedroom. Yes, you will tell whoever is in your bed that that is the right spot, yep, right there, keep doing that, thanks.

17. Alone? Single? No issue

You don’t care about being single or being alone, because, hey, you are great company! Plus, one of life’s simple pleasures is being alone at home and drinking an entire bottle of wine to yourself. That is LIVING.

18. You take care of you

You take responsibility for how you feel and what you do with your life. You own your choices, your body, your truth, everything. You’re not looking to throw the blame on someone else. If you’re not happy, you’ll take matters into your own hands. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to fix your life.

19. “Emotional” isn’t an insult in your vocabulary

You have feelings. You don’t subscribe to the idea of being “dead inside” or not caring about anything as being cool or intriguing. You don’t think anyone should go overboard and freak out because they feel a certain way, but you see the epitome of “strong” as being a mature adult who can share their emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

19. Believe in “yes,” but you know “no”

Boss bitches understand what it is to “lean in,” sure, but you’re not going to catch a true boss lady reaching over the table to clear someone else’s plate. You say “yes!” to every challenge that you believe will help you be better or learn something new, but you know that it’s okay—and even the most positive thing, sometimes—to give a firm “no.”

21. Sorry not sorry

One of the biggest tragedies of being a woman in this world is how often we’re taught to apologize for ourselves. You make it a point to try to be confident and not say “sorry” for every little thing, but you remain open to the thoughts and feelings of others in a way that allows for constructive criticism and personal growth. You know how to apologize, but you sure as hell won’t always be “sorry” for being your best self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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