15 Kinds Of Wine-Drunk Women In Their Late 20s Know All Too Well

Hey ladies, we’re nothing if not mildly predictable, especially when it comes to our wino habits.
Happy Endings
Happy Endings

1. Listening to Beyoncé at full-blast by yourself and enjoying a bottle of wine to yourself and oops, you drank the entire thing, oh well, your life is awesome.

2. Oh my god do they have sangria here?! let’s get sangria! a pitcher of sangria, sir!

3. I give up dating officially, I am done, no more dating ever, give me all the wine, three glasses later swiping on Tinder.

4. We are professional women and thus order a bottle of rosé for the table without looking at the price then order another bottle then look at the bill like whoaaaaa there, I’m not a sultan, I can’t afford this extravagant lifestyle. 

5. How did “let’s have a glass of wine tonight” turn into us having drunk three bottles of wine between the two of us?

6. I accidentally drank an entire bottle of sauv blanc while cooking and now all I want is French fries. 

7. Everything will be all right, here tell your friends everything, sit on the couch, here’s a glass of wine the size of your head, now talk/cry for 5 hours.

8. My idea of a relaxing vacation is drinking wine on the couch while watching a movie that will make me cry.

9. It’s been a long week, I need a drink at noon on Friday to get me through till closing time oops a little tipsy at work.

10. Hey is this book club or is this drink a bottle of wine each club?

11. Let’s watch a show together where the women all drink wine while we drink wine. 

12. I am ready to party tonight, I am still young and still got it, gimme all the wine! Oh shit, it’s morning. When did I fall asleep last night? 10pm? Oh god, I’m so old.

13. It’s an occasion, any occasion, and that means WINE TASTING AT A WINERYYYYYYYY.

14. Is it possible to be myself in my late twenties and be in a pool without also drinking a white wine spritzer? IS IT POSSIBLE? (It’s not.)

15. Yes I’m a woman who likes to drink champagne at brunch. Yes I am the stereotypical version of myself, but mimosas are good, so whatever? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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