Little Joys

19 Little Joys That Always Make Your Day Infinitely Better

The little joys that make life worth living.

1. When you wake up with a start — absolutely, totally, completely certain you’re late — and then check your phone to realize you have another hour to sleep. It’s undoubtedly the best hour of sleep you’ve ever had in your life.

2. When you wake up from an amazing dream and you’re super bummed it got cut short, but then you drift off again and surprisingly continue your dream and it’s kind of the best start to your day.

3. When you’re cold at home, so you put on your softest, most worn-in long sleeve and your bare skin is like, “Thanks, I’m really happy we did this.”

4. When you’re watching an intense movie that everyone says has a twist ending, but then you guess the ending in the first 20 minutes and it gives you a sense of satisfaction nobody can ever take from you.

5. When someone says, “It looks like you could use a hug,” and you could use a hug so bad you almost cry a single tear in gratitude.

6. When someone you haven’t talked to or thought about in a while randomly pops in your head and you think, that’s odd. Then, the next day, they email you and say, “Hey, was thinking about you lately, how’s it going?” And you’re like, good call, Universe.

7. When you wake up in the middle of the night starving and you know exactly what would satisfy you — and that just so happens to already be in your kitchen.

8. When you experiment and try a new food you’re certain you’re going to hate and then, to your surprise, absolutely love it. Then, you vow to be more adventurous and your life instantly seems more exciting.

9. When the batteries go out in something and you actually have extra batteries to replace the old ones with, because a couple months ago, you thought, I should get batteries for when I need them and you thank your past self for being brilliant.

10. Actually, when anything runs out – shampoo, toothpaste, olive oil – and you happen to have purchased more in the past for a situation just like the one you’re currently in, you’re all, high-five, past self.

11. When you’re having a shit day and someone compliments your hair or outfit and lo and behold! Your shit day is a little less shitty.

12. When you run out of something stupid like printer ink and you’re all, ugh, I don’t want to have to go all the way to wherever I get printer ink and then you realize you can order it from Amazon Prime and you want to open-mouth kiss the founders of Amazon for being convenient and affordable.

13. Forgetting you preordered something off the Internet and having it come and feeling like it’s Christmas because you actually don’t know what’s in the box and, because you ordered it, it’s exactly what you want and not just socks from your Aunt Trudy.

14. When you order food from a new place and it’s amazing and it becomes your go-to place for whenever you’re in the mood for whatever kind of food the new place serves.

15. When you are nice and cozy on the couch catching up on your Hulu queue and you’re dreading having to put on pants, but you made plans a week ago with a friend, then that friend texts and says, “I’m too lazy, rain check on tonight?” And it’s like God intervened on your behalf to deliver you canceled plans when you needed them most.

16. When you’re hanging out with a friend and you are both exactly in sync on what you want to eat, what you want to do, and what you want to talk about.

17. When you’re in the car listening to the radio and you think, I really want to hear this song that’s been in my head for the past two days, but you’re too lazy to get it up on Spotify and, randomly, it’s the exact next song that plays on the radio. It’s eerie, but you don’t care because you’re too busy car singing at an embarrassingly loud volume.

18. When you rediscover a song from your past that you had completely played-out, but because enough time has passed it’s like listening to it again for the first time and you repeat it for the next two weeks until the same cycle begins again.

19. When you read a list on the internet that is so you, so on point, you think, did I somehow write this from my brain without actually writing it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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