There Is A Twitter Allegedly Leaking Info From Trump’s White House And Here’s What It’s Saying

Flickr / Jamelle Bouie
Flickr / Jamelle Bouie

Much ado has been made in the media about rogue Twitter accounts inside Donald Trump’s administration.

It all started when Trump became incensed when the National Park Service retweeted a picture comparing the crowds at Obama’s 2009 inauguration and his inauguration. He ordered his Press Secretary to call the media in and have an emergency briefing to rebut the rumors of a low turnout at inauguration. Trump then implemented strict social media rules for his agencies, and in some cases ordered them to stop tweeting.

Unfortunately, it only got worse for Trump from there, as a number of “unofficial” Twitter accounts cropped up to allegedly “resist” Trump’s administration.

via Twitter
via Twitter

But this latest Twitter account might be the juiciest of all.

@RoguePOTUSStaff claims to be a collection of rogue staffers inside the White House itself. They call themselves “the unofficial resistance team inside the White House.”

via Twitter
via Twitter

While the account is (obviously) not verified, they promise to be internal White House staffers who are risking their jobs to leak information from inside the Trump Administration.

Here are some of their juiciest pieces of gossip:

Some things they tweeted already turned out to be true:

And they’ve even been willing to divulge the trending jokes around the West Wing:

Even racist jokes from pieces of shit:

Remember: there is absolutely no ironclad evidence to support that this Twitter account is real. It could totally just be some internet trolls, but something about it definitely rings true. I guess we’ll have to see if more of their predictions turn out right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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