Nobody Knows Why A Decomposing Body Was In This Abandoned New Jersey Police Station

Flickr / Still Burning
Flickr / Still Burning

(PATERSON, NJ) — People are trying to figure out why a decomposing body was found in an abandoned New Jersey police station.

The police station was active from 1902 until 1980 when it was charred beyond reasonable repair by fire. The police headquarters moved temporarily to a local high school before a new building was constructed. The old police station is privately owned by Susan Greenbaum.

Initial reports are estimating that the body has been decomposing in the jail for between eight and ten years, making a possible explanation very difficult to discover.

The man’s body was discovered locked in a holding cell, leading some to suspect that he had somehow locked himself in there. Others, however, push back on this theory and say it is more likely that he was locked in there by someone. The building is rumored to be haunted, leading some people to suspect paranormal involvement.

“It’s tragic and we are upset about it. My family was born and raised in this community, and we have a great respect for the community. It’s sad that we have a homeless problem,” the building owner, Susan Greenbaum said. (Source)

Authorities have not yet released any additional information about the man or the condition of his body. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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