20 Strangers Talk About The Single Creepiest Human They Have Ever Encountered

These stories from Ask Reddit will make you extra cautious of everyone you meet.

A creepy human
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1. We saw a man who did not look human

“My husband and I left Target late one night (almost closing time) and since it was winter time in Chicago, my husband was fine with me getting in the car to warm up while he loaded the back with our random assortment of Target goods. The parking lot was relatively empty except for the car parked directly in front of us.

I look at the car and notice a man sitting in the driver’s seat. Not wanting to stare I look away, but then stop. He looked… Wrong. I look back at him again and I get chills all over. My husband finally slides into the car, and I say, ‘This guy in front of us… Do you see this?’ He looks, goes pale, and says, ‘What the fuck…..’

He’s not looking at us. He’s not looking at anything. His eyes are so sunken in they look like black voids. His mouth is agape like he’s sleeping but it’s just a black hole, no teeth or tongue. Now this might just be due to obscured vision since it’s nighttime, but we were right under a light so he was fairly illuminated. The creepiest part was his skin. It looked simultaneously too loose and too taught. Think the cockroach alien from Men In Black when he’s is that guys body. Some places the face was hanging off, others stretched tight. He looked like a thing wearing a human face. He wasn’t moving, just breathing.

‘Let’s get the fuck out of here,’ my husband said, obviously startled. We pulled out of there as quick as we could and triple checked the locks on our doors that night. We still get creeped out remembering that night. My husband is a huge skeptic and doesn’t believe in the paranormal or anything outlandish but even he knows something was unexplainable about that guy. Despite the name of this thread, he just…. Wasn’t human.” — This_Isnt_Progress 

2. I gave a ride to someone who ended up getting executed for murder

“When I was in college a friend introduced me to a friend of hers. The guy was not bad looking, but had a ‘story’. He had been in some trouble with the law, but was trying to get himself together. He was taking some classes to try to improve himself. I ran into him while getting gas one day and he asked me for a ride. I didn’t feel good about the guy, but gave him a ride to school. He started talking about how much he wanted to go straight. He talked the way people talk when they are trying to make you believe they are something other than what they are. And he told me he couldn’t believe he was talking with a girl like me (not a criminal?) I dropped him off and told myself to stay clear of him if I saw him again. For a while I would see him on campus and always escaped crossing his path and did not acknowledge him. A couple of months later he disappeared and I no longer had to watch for him. Didn’t ever see him again. But two years later I read about a murder in town, it was he who had killed a man by stabbing and cutting him because of a bad drug deal. He was convicted and sentenced to death in Oklahoma. He was executed a few years back. I read an interview with him before the execution; he had no remorse and was frighteningly callous about his actions and about his own death. At that time he no longer even resembled the young man I had given a ride. I learned to trust my instincts.” — pleased2b

3. A friend threatened to slice me into pieces

“An acquaintance from high school and I met up one night to discuss holding an intervention for a mutual friend. He ended up running his hands over me, whispering, ‘Slice, slice, slice, slice, slice, slice, slice… Slice… You know, normally when I think about killing people I do it with seven cuts. I’d do eight cuts with you, and I like that symmetry.'” — neurotica_9000

4. I spoke to a little girl who was planning a school shooting

“I was in a holding area for minors that needed to be taken out of society for a few days. It was one room with a couch, a TV and a table and chairs. It was nice.

Met a girl and she asked me to braid her hair. I was braiding her hair and asked her why she was there. Some kids were there for drug withdrawals, physically fighting a parent, or suicide. She said she got caught planning a school shooting and gave me a detailed rundown on how her friends and her were going to try to take out as many kids as possible then kill themselves.” — ChilledButter13

5. A friend of a friend beat a girl, raped her, and left her for dead

“A friend of a friend started hanging out with our group of friends. He was very good looking and outgoing and all the girls liked him, except me. He made me very uncomfortable. I had no reason to feel that way, as he was always perfectly pleasant and never said or did anything wrong. I just took an instant dislike to him. About 4-5 months in to him hanging out with us, he asked a girl at our party to take him to get cigarettes. She did and when they didn’t return, everyone thought they were just hooking up. Oh, they hooked up alright. She was found in a farmer’s field early the next morning in her car, freezing. Barely alive. He had beaten, raped her and half bit off one of her ears. Her girly bits were mangled because after he raped her, he used a knife as a dildo. She was in the hospital for a month and could never have kids. He went to jail and 25 years later, I run into her sometimes. She is married and seems pretty happy. I have no idea what it took to get her to this point, but I’m happy that she was able to move forward.” — katgib13

6. A lady was passed out and tied up in the back of this man’s van

“This happened to my brother ~23 years ago, not me, but it still freaks me out when I think about it. He was about 12 or 13 and angry at our parents for whatever reason, so he decided to walk a couple miles to a gas station/little store. It was about 8 o’clock at night and our neighborhood wasn’t too bad – usually safe.

Well, he’s walking down a side street and an old beat up van pulls up right beside him and stops. The driver slides open the side door and calls my brother over. As an adult he later said it smelled like sulphur and copper mixed together and made him sick to his stomach. This creepy, greasy, middle-aged guy says to him, “Check this out.” So brother peaks behind him and is shocked to find a passed out, naked lady tied at the wrists and ankles. The man whispers, ‘You wanna take a ride on her?’ (or something like that – can’t remember exact wording) and my bro snapped out of his shock, turned and ran straight to gas station where he called our parents. Our dad was pissed he had to drive 2 whole miles (OMG) to pick him up at 9 at night and would not listen to or believe his story, at all.

Now my brother can be full of shit sometimes, I’ll admit this, but I specifically remember a night Dad came home pissed and brother came home white as a ghost, shaking, and it looked like he’d been crying. Years later he told me what happened that night and he has a strange theory about the guy, but I won’t go into it. He still hates our parents for not believing him and calling the police. And he still gets sick when he smells boiled eggs/sulphur-y smells.” — TittieMilkTittieMilk

7. An older student went to jail for beating up a teenager

“When I was a senior in high school this 20 year old transferred to my school. He had failed a bunch of grades.

This guy seemed normal enough at first. My friends and I had him over once and were lifting weights in my friends garage. This guy claims that he is a cage fighter, and challenges one of us to fight him. This guy was clearly not a cage fighter. My friend that did wrestling for four years pinned him in about 15 seconds. This dude went insane. Started throwing shit around the garage and said our friend had cheated. He said he was gonna get his pistol and come back to settle the beef. Never came back.

He drove a ratty old truck to school but would tell everyone that he drove a 67 Chevelle SS 396.

I used to drive my friends sister to school who was a sophomore at the time, he wouldn’t drive her for some reason. They lived down the street. She was waiting outside one morning and this pyscho is driving down the street. He floors it and tries to run her down. He was dating a girl (15 y/o) that didn’t like my friends little sister and thought that trying to run her over was a good way to deal with it.

My buddy and I prank called him while at lunch one day after we learned how crazy he was. He was in gym at the time. We were talking shit calling him weak and a coward etc. He goes nuts and starts screaming at the top of his lungs how hes gonna get his AR15 and deal with us. He had no idea who we were. Also some shit about him being a cage fighter. He got suspended.

He never did graduate. Got a few months in jail for beating the shit out of a 14 year old. He also got that 15 year old pregnant and just left town. Haven’t seen him since.” — Nitrothacat

8. My girlfriend’s father had an evil energy

“My high school girlfriend’s father. He was an older dad, 68 at the time, and had grown lazy and senile after 20 years of beating his wife and two kids. He resented their existence, having never wanted kids to begin with, and the entire house reeked of a living nightmare.

The first time I entered their house was the closest thing I’ve ever had to an ESP experience. I could feel a weird evil energy all around me and tears were streaming down my face.” — introversed

9. A woman saw an invisible presence on the train

“I was on the train (red line for you Chicago homies) one late night after my shift at the hospital and this old lady who was presumably sleeping woke up as I sat across her. She had super glazed eyes and then started going “little girl, you can’t sit there, he’s sitting there…” Mind you, nobody was in this train cart. And then she continued to go “little girl… little girl…” (I’m a 5 ft 22 year old woman). I ignored her because I was only a few stops away and then all of a sudden she started screaming at the top of her lungs “LITTLE GIRL GET OFF THIS TRAIN GET OFF THIS TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN” and you bet my ass ran the hell out of there in the next two mins as the train stopped.” — tinkblazed

10. A stranger knew way too much information about me

“I was young and browsing around on Omegle (video). Some random stranger started talking to me and revealed an incredible amount of information about me. Beyond the usual IP address trick that you can tell where the other person is from. I have a relatively low internet profile. This guy new everything about me, from my fathers name to my best friend. I go to college for computer science, and still have absolutely no idea how this stranger knew so much about me. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” — Throwaway10873

11. A murderer held my baby girl right after she was born

“A notorious murderer in my city was actually a security guard at the company where I worked before he was identified and caught. After he was apprehended, we discovered that he had kept the body of a small child in a cold water tank on the premises, just a few tens of yards away from where we worked. It had been there two years or so but was never found or even suspected, until he handle had given the information to the police.

The man is still in jail nearly 25 years later. It has since been proven with DNA that he was actually responsible for several area murders. He is serving compound life sentences.

He actually was very friendly with me and with my colleagues as we came in and out of the building every day. He smiled and joked with everyone. In fact, the two of us had an ongoing morning gag.

While he still worked there and well before his crimes were discovered, my baby daughter was born. My wife and I brought her into the office to show her off. I let this security guard, who was the father of an eight-year-old himself, hold the baby – as the body of a toddler he murdered a few months before lay decomposing a couple of rooms away.

When he gently handed my daughter back to me, doing so as perfectly well as any experienced parent would, he told me she was beautiful and that I must be proud. I sure was.

He held my baby. Dear God, he held my baby.” — jcartier2 

12. I picked up a hitchhiking murderer 

“This dude I picked up hitchhiking who said I looked like the woman he killed then thankfully made me drop him off right then as it seemed he was fighting the urge to kill me. Dodged a bullet that day.” — bladerunnet263

13. A classmate asked me to help murder her boyfriend

“I was in college and waiting between classes. One of my female classmates for a speech class came up and we had a conversation. This was in a nearly empty hallway by the classroom. It ended up going from the class we were in to true crime to her boyfriend.

I remember the one comment and the question that made things weird clearly: ‘If I ever find my boyfriend cheating on me, I’ll murder him. If that even does happen, since you know a lot about true crime, could you help me get rid of his body?’

That was all said in a serious voice. There was an awkward silence as I mentally asked how likely it would be that she’d kill me if I said ‘No’ and/or went to the cops.

I ended up flat-out refusing, saying I didn’t want to go to prison, and saying she shouldn’t ask that sort of question if she didn’t want to go to jail either. She accepted my refusal. However, I also didn’t tell the police because I knew she was smart enough to be able figure out who did go to the cops and I didn’t want to be killed. I ended up avoiding her after that as much as possible – I don’t know if she ever did murder her boyfriend or not either. That’s the creepiest person I’ve met.” — RandomCashier75

14. A prisoner violently murdered a woman

“I was a jailer in the 1990’s, and we had a prisoner who was convicted of violently murdering a woman. It was a random thing, not a domestic or drug incident. He’d had a prior for assaulting a different woman. This guy would have been a serial killer if he wasn’t a complete moron. In just regular conversation with him (meals, moving to exercise area, etc) that guy creeped me out severely. I’ve never gotten such an evil vibe from a person before, and that’s after more than two decades of police work.” — MattsWorldoWonders

15. My high school teacher was arrested for pedophilia

“That I actually personally knew? Must have been a teacher I once had during my first 2 years in high school. Never liked him, he had a very creepy vibe. 3th year I heard he was behind bars, he got caught trying to lure a 12 y/o boy to ‘meet’ him.” — Magdalan

16. My step-father molested his teenage daughter

“My stepdad. I never felt safe around him and I avoided him at all costs.

Turns out he got his teen daughter pregnant and molested my sisters, too.” — Texastexastexas1

17. My customer made pornographic photographs of children

“We had a creepy guy making pornographic images of children come in to get his film developed back when I worked in a chemist/ photo lab. Why he opted to get us to develop his pictures is beyond me. This would have been around 2009 so digital cameras were very much a thing as well.

He was a creepy guy anyway and gave me the heebie jeebies when he dropped the film in. He was huge, both tall and broad. His clothes were fake fur and were falling apart. His face was almost completely hidden under a huge and extremely tatty deerstalker.

We realized what his photos were aa soon as we developed them and called the police. They left a couple of plain clothed officers in the store for when the guy came back for his pictures with more uniformed officers waiting in their van nearby. Because I’d already dealt with the guy and would recognize him, I was stationed at the counter to wait to him. I had to pretend his photos weren’t back yet (not entirely uncommon when people used the 1 hour service at busy times) and to tell him I was going to the lab to look for them. He came in, I said what I’d been told to say and went out the back to the manager and police. The guy was taken away in their van. No idea what happened to him after that. Utterly disgusting man.” — strawberrypops

18. A classmate attacked multiple women — and it didn’t surprise anyone

“Dude I went to university with. He was very good-looking, athletic, intelligent and personable, but there was always something ‘off’ about him that you couldn’t put your finger on, but lots of people felt it. There was a running ‘random’ joke to the effect of him being a serial killer, with no apparent reason behind it, that kind of thing.

15 years later and guess who ended up going American Psycho on a couple of prostitutes?” — Jiktten

19. A car followed me for blocks when I was still a teenager

“When I was in high school, about to turn 18, I was in our book store scoping out the recent edition of whatever nudey magazine I was going to buy for nudey magazine 18th bday. Noticed someone staring at me infrequently in a very obvious manner, thought nothing of it and kept going about my business, got coffee and bounced. Driving home, glanced in the rear view mirror and noticed the same dude in an older model Buick following me relatively close. Again, felt coincidental then a few more miles down the road the same car was right behind me… time to ditch the tail. Went into a grocery store parking lot, got out to go into a public place…when I got back into my truck with some random chit, Buick was waiting in the corner of the parking lot. Still a Coincidence? Not a chance…back in the damn truck to ditch the Buick still following me. Heart race going up thinking about dafuq to do… Drove out of the grocery store not towards home but a local police station and once there was a sign for police station that I’m guessing he noticed, he turned off. Always felt like I was being followed for years after that.” — ichthyohead

20. A man put his fingers to his head and made a gun motion

“For me the creepiest human would be when I visited Copenhagen. I was in the Metro subway and he asked me for money. I didn’t have an change so I apologized and said no. He lingered around after this and wouldn’t go away. He then proceeded to follow us. Once I hurried down the escalator, I looked up and he was stood there looking down at me while I descended. He put his fingers to his head and motioned a gun action.

Luckily nothing happened after that but it made me feel really uncomfortable.” — dino-claw Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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