Quiz: Who Said It — Donald Trump Or Adolf Hitler?

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Donald J. Trump — the real estate tycoon who has unexpectedly zoomed to the front of the 2016 Republican Presidential primary contest — has said a number of audacious things. He has proposed banning Muslims from emigrating to the United States, and says that he hasn’t ruled out tagging them and setting up a national database to track their movements.

This brand of ethnocentric hate is not new. The world has seen many leaders yield bigotry as a tool to rally support. One such leader is a former German Chancellor by the name of Adolf Hitler.

Is it fair to compare the rhetoric of Donald Trump with that of Adolf Hitler? I guess the first test might be whether you can tell them apart.

Give it a shot.*

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How did you do?? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

*Some quotes have been slightly paraphrased to avoid the answer from being obvious based on context clues (i.e. mention of Germany, United States, etc.)

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