Is Donald Trump Literally Hitler? 27 Things You Need To Know Before You Compare

via Flickr - Gage Skidmore
via Flickr – Gage Skidmore

1. A Marxist On Why Trump Is No Hitler

2. Hitler’s Victims Don’t Think Trump Is Like Hitler

3. Trump Is Just Starting Out, He’ll Get There

4. The Parallels Between Them Are “Not Imaginary”

5. Liberals Have Desensitized Us To True Authoritarian Danger

6. Trump Is A Different Kind Of Bad

7. Hitler Comparisons Are “Shallow And Dishonest”

8. Trump Is Actually Literally Hitler Reincarnated

9. If You’re Comparing The Two Then You Don’t Know Any History

10. It’s Eerie How Much They Mirror One Another

11. He’s Hitler And Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer, RIP America

12. The People That Call Him Hitler Are Doomsaying Hypocrites

13. I’m A Jew And The Comparison Is Wrong

14. A National Socialist: “He’s No Hitler”

15. His Plan To Deport Illegal Aliens Is Just Like The Holocaust

16. Trump And Hitler Had Similar Platforms

17. I’m Not Saying He’s Hitler…But He’s Probably Hitler

18. The Thinking Between The Two Is The Same

19. A Lot Of The Comparison Seems Like Paranoia

20. Comparisons To Hitler Are Self Serving

21. Trump Being Like Hitler Is The Right Idea

22. It’s Clear He’s The American Hitler

23. Trump And Hitler Are Probably Related

24. STOP

25. Trump And Bernie Are The Same, Here’s How

26. Trump Is Actually More Like Kylo Ren

27. He’s Hitler 2.0

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