Your Weekly Horoscope For August 28 – September 3

Your Weekly Horoscope For August 27 – September 3


This week, remember to take some time to cool off when you’re angry. Don’t jump down anyone’s throat when you’re at the peak of annoyance. Breathe a little. Think a little. Then you can speak your mind.


This week, you shouldn’t be a pushover or a people-pleaser. Don’t allow other people to shove you around. Speak up or you are going to have a miserable week. Remember, you’re allowed to say no. You’re allowed to make your voice heard.


This week, you need to remember your worth. Remember that you have value. Don’t let the doubts in the back of your head convince you to give up on yourself. Keep going because you have what it takes. You do.


This week, remember that nothing is permanent. You shouldn’t remain in any situation that makes you uncomfortable. You shouldn’t remain around any person who makes you feel bad about yourself. You’re allowed to change your mind. You’re allowed to leave.


This week, you should give yourself space when you need it. Don’t force yourself to be surrounded by people when you would rather be alone. It’s okay to turn down plans. No one is going to be mad if you need some me-time.


This week, you should try your hardest to stay optimistic. Even though certain situations might get you down, one bad thing doesn’t have to lead to another bad thing. Some happy surprises might be right around the corner. Chin up.


This week, you should remain kind to everyone you meet. After all, you have no idea what they’re going through. You have no clue what problems they’re facing. Try to lead with kindness and love because the world needs so much more of that.


This week, you shouldn’t take any cruel words to heart. Remember, if someone is being nasty, it has much more to do with them than it has to do with you. You shouldn’t think too hard about someone’s bad attitude. Ignore it and go on with your day.


This week, you should make a point to initiate conversations. Don’t let your friends reach out to you first all the time. Show them that you care. Show them that you’re willing to put effort in too. That way, you won’t lose anyone important.


This week, you should think with your heart instead of your head. Let yourself be a dreamer, if only for a little while. It’s okay to create huge, lofty goals for yourself. It’s okay to reach for the stars. You don’t always have to be super realistic.


This week, you should venture outside of your comfort zone. Spend some time in a situation you haven’t been in before. Challenge yourself and see where it takes you. Remember, if you have a bad time, you never have to do it again.


This week, you should think with your head instead of your heart. Be careful with your decision making because you don’t want to end up miserable while trying to make someone else happy. You aren’t in charge of their peace of mind. You’re only in charge of your own.

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