Walking Away Is Hard When You Have A Soft Heart

Walking Away Is Hard When You Have A Soft Heart

Walking away is hard when you have a soft heart because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. You don’t want to cause any drama. You want to continue making everyone around you happy — but you might end up sacrificing your own happiness in the process.

Although it will be hard for you to walk away from the people who once meant the world to you (or who still mean the world to you) you have to do it for your own mental health. You cannot remain in a place that is making you miserable simply because you’re scared to make a change. You should never place someone else’s happiness above your own.

You have to put yourself first, even though it makes you uncomfortable, even though it feels selfish. You need to treat yourself as a priority because taking care of yourself matters most.

Walking away is hard when you have a soft heart because your guilt will follow you. You will question whether you did the right thing long after you left. You will keep asking yourself whether you should have made a different decision, whether you should have given them one more chance, whether you should have put more effort into your past. However, you cannot allow yourself to stare in the rearview for too long. You have to accept the choices you made and move onto better and brighter things.

Walking away is hard when you have a soft heart because you care about what everyone else thinks of you. You don’t want their opinions to matter — but they impact you anyway. You don’t want to come across like you’re heartless. You don’t want to look like some sort of monster. However, you have to remember the people around you don’t know the whole story about your situation. They only know bits and pieces. They can never fully understand what you were going through or why you came to your decision.

Walking away is hard when you have a soft heart because you see the best in everyone. Even when someone hurts you, you try to see the situation from their side. You give them the benefit of the doubt. You offer them as many chances as you can possibly give. You know everyone makes mistakes and don’t want to fault someone who is trying to better themselves. However, you have to remember your emotions matter, too. You should keep your standards high. You shouldn’t settle, simply because you feel bad about saying goodbye.

Walking away is hard when you have a soft heart because you get attached easily. Even when it’s clear that you’ve grown apart from someone, it’s hard for you to remove them from your world. After you walk away from them, you’re going to miss them. You’re going to wonder how they’ve been doing and feel the urge to reach out to them. However, you have to keep reminding yourself that you did the right thing. You took a step in the right direction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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