X Reminders For Soft-Hearted Girls Who Are Always Called 'Clingy'

6 Reminders For Soft-Hearted Girls Who Are Always Called ‘Clingy’

1. There’s a difference between being clingy and outwardly loving. Some people are going to accuse you of being clingy because they’re not ready to take the next step in your relationship, or because they’re not as comfortable with their feelings as you are with yours, or because they want an excuse to push you away. But you have to understand that the things the last person called you clingy for doing might be the same exact things the next person is going to love about you.

2. Most ‘clingy’ behaviors are completely acceptable behaviors. Remember, you’re allowed to invite someone you’re interested in dating over every weekend. You’re allowed to send sweet texts every morning. You’re allowed to say I miss you. You’re allowed to voice your emotions when you’re upset or excited or annoyed. You’re allowed to expect respect. You’re allowed to expect a message back. None of these things are asking for too much. They’re only too much when you’re asking the wrong person.

3. The wrong relationships are going to end one way or another. You shouldn’t waste too much time feeling like it’s your fault the last person you loved walked away from you. Even if you toned down your ‘clinginess,’ the relationship would’ve ended for another reason. The two of you weren’t meant to stay together. You can blame yourself for chasing them away — or you can be thankful that they left before you grew even more attached to them. They were going to leave your world eventually, so it’s better it happened and is done so you can start moving on from it.

4. You shouldn’t need another person. Most of the time, people calling you clingy are overreacting, but sometimes, they have a point. There’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high in your relationships — but you should also cultivate your independence. You should learn to be okay on your own, learn to enjoy the silence, learn to like your own company. You shouldn’t feel lonely the second someone leaves the room. You should work toward becoming your own friend so that you don’t include people in your life because you need them but because you want them there.

5. Your clinginess might get you into trouble — but it might also get you what you’ve always wanted. You might get your heart broken. You might end up in a few one-sided relationships. You might always feel like you’re the one who’s doing more. But one day, those problems are going to be behind you. One day, you’re going to find someone right for you. Someone who cherishes you. Someone who appreciates you. And you’re going to cling to each other.

6. Clingy can be a badge of honor. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your clinginess. You should be proud of it, because it means you love loudly. It means you never hold back your feelings. It means you’re transparent about the way you feel instead of hiding everything inside. It means you’re brave enough to say what you want and put it out into the universe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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