Why Each Zodiac Sign Is WAY Too Stressed For Their Own Good

Why Each Zodiac Sign Is WAY Too Stressed For Their Own Good


You’re under the assumption you have to do a million different things in a day in order to avoid wasting that day. You never let yourself rest.


You care too much, which leads you to worry too much. You’re always paranoid you hurt someone’s feelings or made a mistake that is going to cost you your job. You are obsessed with worst case scenarios.


You have a bad habit of overreacting. When you’re met with a little bit of stress, it eats away at you. It destroys your mood, your motivation, and your sanity.


You run around, trying to do favors for everyone you love. In the process of helping them lower their stress levels, you significantly raise your own.


You hold yourself to an unrealistically high standard. You try to please everyone, which is impossible, so you end up getting stressed about feeling like a failure.


You force yourself to be productive, even when you’re feeling under the weather or when your mental state is far from fine. You don’t know the meaning of the word break.


You say yes to everyone. You never back down from a favor or challenge, even when your energy levels are dangerously low.


You’re too worried about the past and the future, and as a result, you don’t take good enough care of the person you are today. You never live in the present. You’re always somewhere else in time.


You’re always making comparisons. Since social media makes it look like your peers are accomplishing so much, you feel like you have to match their pace even when it hurts you.


You confuse being busy with being successful. You feel like as long as you’re working, you’re doing something right, so you end up overworking.


Sometimes, you do too much for your loved ones. You let them pile more and more stress onto your plate. Their problems become your problems.


You let the small things get to you. Whenever something minor goes wrong, you act like it’s the end of the world. You freak yourself out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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