The Warning Each Zodiac Sign Needs Heading Into October 2019

The Warning Each Zodiac Sign Needs Heading Into October 2019


Don’t be overly impulsive. Don’t act without thinking. Don’t automatically listen to your gut without stopping for a second to listen to what your head has to say. Make sure you think through your options before taking a risk. Make sure you realize exactly what you’re getting yourself into, so you don’t make a mistake you could have easily avoided.


Don’t allow someone toxic back into your world. Don’t give them permission to hurt you all over again. Don’t give them a second chance they haven’t earned because your guilt is getting the best of you. Don’t allow yourself to take a step backwards, to walk right back into the arms of someone who doesn’t deserve you.


Don’t treat yourself with so much disdain. Don’t list out things you hate about yourself every time you glance in the mirror or take a selfie on your phone. Don’t trick yourself into believing you’re ugly and unlovable because thats not the case. You deserve to know how beautiful you are, even if no one else can see it yet.


Don’t push good people away, just because you have been hurt in the past. Don’t assume everyone who enters your world is going to bring as much harm to you as the last people who have left. Don’t let your history turn you into a cynic. Don’t let your heart turn to ice.


Don’t assume the rest of your life is going to be as rough as these last few weeks have been on you. Don’t let your anger and your disappointment and your heartache eat away at you. Don’t take your frustrations out on everyone who is trying to help you get through your hard time, either. Don’t forget there are good things in this world, too.


Don’t forget to check in with yourself, to make sure you’re doing okay. Don’t get too distracted by everyone else you’re trying to take care of and forget that you also need to take care of yourself. Practice self-care. Practice self-love. Practice self-respect.


Don’t let yourself slack, just because you aren’t in the mood to be productive. Don’t come up with a million different excuses to put off chores you should have finished by now. Don’t get into the habit of waiting until tomorrow to get shit done. Don’t procrastinate because you can start changing your life today.


Don’t compare yourself to the people surrounding you. Don’t convince yourself you’re on the wrong path because you haven’t reached your goals yet. You aren’t supposed to have everything figured out at your age. It’s okay that you have questions. It’s okay if you feel lost. It’s okay if it’s going to take a while longer to reach the next milestone.


Don’t make yourself miserable in the process of trying to make other people happy. Your kind heart can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. If you pour all of your energy into pleasing other people, then you’re going to lose yourself along the way. You’re going to end up unhappy and unfulfilled — unless you start caring more about your own satisfaction.


Don’t force yourself to appear ‘strong’ at all times. Don’t shy away from acting vulnerable. Don’t shove your heart deep down into your chest when you could be wearing it on your sleeve. Don’t push away everybody who cares about you as some unfair way to protect yourself.


Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t work yourself too hard. Don’t forget you’re allowed to take a break, you’re allowed to have a day off, you’re allowed to have some fun. Your whole life isn’t meant to revolve around your career. There should be other areas you put just as much effort into, like hanging out with friends.


Don’t drown yourself with worries. Don’t waste too much time running through what ifs. Don’t focus all of your attention on what might happen to you tomorrow. Try your hardest to live in the moment. Put more effort into learning how to appreciate today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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